Substation Automation

Transmission line protection IED(SLP-K120)

Transmission line protection IED(SLP-K120)


  • Current differential motion protecting function
  • Distance protecting function to provide quadrilateral operation area
  • Over-current/low-voltage-based breakdown extracting function
  • High speed one-time re-closing function
  • Measurement/monitoring/control function
  • Customized DI/DO/LED/function keys
  • Configure and apply customized control logics
  • IEC 61850 station bus communication
  • IEEE C37.94-based current differential motion protecting communication
  • Field/remote access serial (USB type)/Ethernet communication


  • The one and only IEC 61850 foundation developed with exclusive technology
  • 154kV transmission line protective transmission line (PCM current differential motion type)/unified IED
  • Develop to secure international competitiveness to develop domestic next generation IEC 61850 digital substation system and pioneer exporting market
  • Complete registration qualifications of supplying reliable items from Korea Electronic Power Corporation and supply them
  • Items for new qualified products

General Specification

Division Item Specification
Terms of use Ambient temperature -25℃ ~ +55℃
Relative humidity 10% ~ 90%
Elevation 1,500m less than
Rated Frequency 60Hz
Voltage Phase voltage : 110/√3V, Interlinear voltage : 110V
Electric current 5A
Power DC 125V (90~140V)
Outward form Size 445 x 255 x 247mm (W x H x D)
Form Stand-Alone Type
Weight 10kg less than
Quality of the material Aluminum

Hardware Specification

Division Specification Note
Communication port Ethernet 100Base-FX, 2 channels
Connector : ST type, Multi-mode, 1310nm
IEC 61850
100Base-T, 1 channels, Twisted-pair TCP/IP
USB B-Type 1 channels Operational Software
RS-232 Male-Type(Serial 9pin) 1 channels Reserve
IEEE C37.94 2 channels, ST type Connector PCM
Time sync. IRIG-B120 or SNTP
DI 40 points
DO 24 points
CT 4 channels
PT 5 channels
Button 18
LED 20
LCD 7" Color TFT-LCD 800x480

Apparent Dimension