Distribution Automation



Installed on 22.9kV V-Y processed distribution line.
Reduction of the time to detect the faults by monitoring distribution line data in real-time
Minimization of blackout zone and time by separating the faulted section and recovering the healthy section by remote control
Improvement of power quality through managing distribution line information


  • Detection and indication of the faults by monitoring distribution line data in real-time and separation of the faulted section by remote control

Main functions

  • Used when establishing processing line
  • Installation location : Gas switching(SF6 gas)
  • Obtaining distribution line data (current/voltage, power factor, active/reactive/apparent power)
  • Detection of a distribution line fault (instantaneous/permanent fault)
  • Embedded Fault Indicator
  • Monitoring status of the switchgear and control box
  • Remote control (open, close)
  • Data communication with the remote operating system using DNP protocol
  • Local and remote setting
  • Monitor with self-diagnosis function
  • Manage line event


  • Wide measurement scope and various items for measurement
  • Voltage: Rated voltage AC4V (13.2kW), input range (Range: 0 ~ 8V RMS)
  • Current: CT input ratio (1000:1A), input range (Range: 0~12.5A RMS)
  • Instrumentation resolution: 16BIT, 24 Sampling/Cycle
  • Analog Low Pass Filter or Digital Filter the inner parts
  • Measurement of internal temperature


  • Various status/control items
  • Status monitoring point: 16 points or above
    • 5V Driving Contact
    • Resolution in 10ms
  • Control monitoring points: 8 points or above
    • Dry Contact
    • Prevent malfunction with SBO & CBO functions
  • Open/close, lock/unlock, low Battery
  • Local/remote, manual lock, power loss, door open
  • Battery discharge, battery test, gas low


Division Item Specification
Rated Rated frequency 60Hz
Rated voltage(PT) 1V ~ 6V(±3%)
Over Voltage : 25% ~ 150% Continuous
Rated current(CT) 0.003 ~ 0.400A(±1A or ±3%)
0.401 ~ 10.000A(±3%)
Over Current : 0 ~ 400% Continuous, 400% ~ 2500% 1s
Communication Communication port DNP 3.0 Protocol, Two-line/four-line type, RS232C, 1200~38400bps, D-SUB 9pin
CONSOLE PORT(for maintenance purposes) PC S/W, RS232C, 115200bps, D-SUB 9pin, Male
Usage temperature Maximum 70℃~ Minimum -30℃
Elevation 1,000m Less than
Power Input power DC 24V (21~29V)
Power consumption 15W Less than
Outward form Form Machining type
Weight 4.8kg
Quality of the material Aluminum
Display Unit LCD, 4Line, 20 Character

System configuration

Appearance and size measurement