Substation Automation

Fault Recorder Panel

Fault Recorder Panel

In power plants or substations, a variety of events may occur, including the following: device operation or control for electrical power facilities and the operation of circuit breakers by protection devices in case of failure in power plants or substations.

Accurate analysis for those various events plays a crucial role not only in stable and reliable operation of the power system facilities but also in measures to prevent potential accidents in the future.

Fault recorder panel provides a function to record, store and analyze a wide range of power system data.

Main functions

  • Main functions of fault recorder (SPR-K010)
    • Provision of high precision measurement data using high sampling frequency (7680Hz)
    • Provision of various activation conditions for saving fault waveforms and events
    • Activation by upper/lower limits Activation by the rate of changes (of volt age, current, frequency and power) : Activation by specified digital inputs Activation by power swing detection Manual / automatic activation
    • 48 analog channels (12 voltage and 36 current channels) and 96 digital channels available
    • Fault waveform recording in IEEE C37.111 COMTRADE format
    • Automatic and manual transmission of event data
    • Fault location
    • IRIG-B time synchronization
    • Synchro-phasor transmission in accordance with IEEE C37.118
    • Self-monitoring on a regular basis


Division Item Specification
Rated Input power DC 90~140[V],60Hz
Rated voltage(PT) 115/√3[V]
Rated current(CT) 5[A]
Digital output 10[A] : 250VAC
8 points
Digital input DC 70 ~ 150[V]
96 points
Communication Communication port RS-232, Ethernet, Fiber Optic
Protocol IEC61850, IEEE C37.118, TCP/IP
Display 10.4 inch Color TFT-LCD(1024×768)