Substation Automation

Overcurrent protection IED(SOC-K110)

Overcurrent protection IED(SOC-K110)

Controlling and interlocking for field equipments such as circuit breakers and disconnecting switchgears
Applied for 170kV GIS T/L, T/R, B/T or B/S bay
Programming trip and control logics
Editing the single line diagram on the dedicated PC S/W
Saving the events in 1ms resolution
Recording fault waveforms in IEEE C37.111 COMTRADE format
Self-monitoring on a regular basis

Main functions

  • Instantaneous overcurrent (50) detection for phase and ground faults
  • Time overcurrent (51) detection for phase and ground faults
  • Various standard and user-defined time-current (TC) curves
  • Unbalanced load (46) detection through zero-sequence current (I0) monitoring
  • CT and PT failure detection

General Specification

Division Item Specification
Terms of use Ambient temperature -25℃ ~ +55℃
Relative humidity 10% ~ 100%
Elevation 1,500m less than
Rated Frequency 60Hz
Voltage Phase voltage : 110/√3V, Interlinear voltage : 110V
Electric current 5A
Power DC 125V(90~140V)
Outward form Size 445 x 255 x 247mm (W x H x D)
Form Stand-Alone Type
Weight 9.5kg less than
Quality of the material Aluminum

Hardware Specification

Division Specification Note
Communication port Ethernet 100Base-FX, 2 channels IEC 61850
100Base-T, 1 channels TCP/IP
USB B-Type 1 channels Wired-X
Time sync. IRIG-B 120 or SNTP
RS-232 Serial 9pin (Male-Type), 1 port 개발용
Enter Contact 64 points
Contact output 28 points
CT 4 channels
PT 5 channels
AI 2 channels
Display TFT Color Graphic LCD 7" (800 x 480)
Button 18
LED 26

Apparent Dimension