Substation Automation

Bus protection IED(SBP-K110-BU)

Bus protection IED(SBP-K110-BU)

Main functions

  • Current measurement and status monitoring of CB, DS and BFI for two feeders
  • Communication with CU based on high speed serial communication (1Gbps, fiber optic)
  • Self-monitoring on a regular basis

General Specification

Division Item Specification Note
Terms of use Ambient temperature -25℃ ~ +55℃
Relative humidity 10% ~ 90%
Elevation 1,500m less than
Rated Frequency 60Hz
Electric current 5A
Power DC 125V (90~140V)
Outward form Size 230 x 240 x 195mm (W x H x D)
Form Stand-Alone Type
Weight 5kg less than
Quality of the material Aluminum

Hardware Specification

Division Specification Note
Communication port RS-232 Female-Type D-SUB 9pin 1 channels Reserve
Optical port 1Gbps, 1 channels (max 16 channels )
connector : LC type, Multi-mode, 850nm
CU Communication
DI 24 points
DO 14 points
CT 6 channels

Apparent Dimension