Substation Automation

Protection IED(SUR-K210)

Protection IED(SUR-K210)

Apply on Main, D/L, B/T, B/S, PT, S.C, S.Tr Bay in automatic IED substation and IED 61850-based substation that perform the function of measurement, protective control, monitoring, and interlock on electrical panel facilities.

Main functions

  • Function to protect over-current, ground over-current
  • Function to protect directional over-current, and ground over-current
  • Re-closing function
  • Function to protect over-voltage and ground over-current
  • Low-voltage protecting function
  • Selective ground over-current protection function
  • Load imbalance monitoring function
  • Measurement, control, monitoring, and interlock function
  • IEC 61850 station bus interface
  • Serial/Ethernet communication function for field/remote access
  • Provide customized DI, DO, LED, and function key
  • Apply 7” color TFT-LCD and Touch screen and provide intuitive HMI from GUI

General Specification

Division Item Specification
Terms of use Ambient temperature -25℃ ~ +55℃
Relative humidity 10% ~ 90%
Elevation 1,500m less than
Rated Frequency 60Hz
Voltage th> Phase voltage : 110/√3V ( Interlinear voltage : 110V)
Electric current 5A
DC Power DC 125V
DC Power Voltage range DC 90V ~ 140V
Power consumption Always: 20W less than, Actions: 25W less than
Outward form Size 250 x 240 x 209mm (W x H x D)
Form Stand-Alone Type
Weight 7kg less than
Quality of the material Aluminum

Hardware Specification

Division Specification Note
Communication port Ethernet 100Base-FX, 2 channels
connector : LC type, Multi-mode, 1310nm
IEC 61850
100Base-T, 1 channels , Twisted-pair
connector : RJ-45
Cereal port RS-232C, 115200bps
connector D-SUB 9pin (Female-Type), front
Operational Software
RS-232C, 115200bps
connector D-SUB 9pin (Female-Type), back
Time sync. IRIG-B 120 or SNTP
DI 24 points (Wet Contacts)
DO 14 points (Dry Contacts)
CT 4 channels
PT 8 channels
AI 4 channels (DC 4~20mA)
button 19(Includes four function buttons)
LED 27(With 16 customizable LEDs)
LCD 7" Color TFT-LCD (Touch input) 800x480

Apparent Dimension