Substation Automation

Transformer protection IED(STP-K110-96TC)

Transformer protection IED(STP-K110-96TC)


  • Transformer current differential motion protecting function
  • 96TC protection function
  • Prevent malfunction from magnetizing inrush current
  • Save breakdown event and waveform
  • Apply 7inch touch LCD
  • Configure simple substation single line diagram
  • Available to setup LED from operator

General Specification

Division Item Specification Note
Terms of use Ambient temperature -25℃ ~ +55℃
Relative humidity 10% ~ 100%
Elevation 1,500m less than
Place Abnormal locations where ambient air damage is not significant, with no significant effects of vibration, shock, slope and magnetometer.
Special usage conditions If it is used in a place other than the above, and special conditions for use, such as natural environment, are required, it shall be prescribed separately.
Rated Frequency 60Hz
Electric current 5A
Power DC 125V (90~140V)
Outward form Size 280 x 255 x 247mm (W x H x D) Appropriate size for the LCP
Form Stand-Alone Type
Weight 7.5kg less than
Quality of the material Aluminum

Hardware Specification

Division Specification Note
Communication port Ethernet 100Base-T, 2 channels
connector : ST type, Multi-mode, 1310nm
IEC 61850
100Base-T, 1 channels , Twisted-pair TCP-IP
USB B-Type 1 channels Operational Software
Time sync. IRIG-B120 or SNTP
RS-232 Serial 9pin (Male-Type) 1 port Reserve
Enter Contact 36 points
Contact output 20 points
CT 10 channels
AI 4~20mA DC: 2 channels
Display TFT Color Graphic LCD 7" (800 x 400)
Button 18
LED 26

Apparent Dimension